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Toni Blake Projects, LLC is a collection of Toni's business ventures.  Toni is a travel enthusiast and business coach and has created a lifestyle to accommodate all of her passions:  helping people start or maintain their personal and professional lives and guiding people on how to travel on a budget.

Toni is a former North Carolina High School Business Educator and International English teacher who holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration.  Her prior work experiences have taught her how to help others get organized, start or maintain a business and how to live fearlessly while fulfilling their heart's desires.



Jamaica was AMAZING! Having a local guide made our trip personal and special.  The drinking games, nightlife and AirBnb was planned and fun!


Sea moss gives me energy

Toney F.

Absolutely love these pads they are very comfortable. I was a little skeptical because they were a little long , but I soon realized that’s what I needed . I felt very secure and didn’t really have to worry about leaks. I normally do a tampon and a pad... But not the case with these.

Nkeru F.

Everything went extremely well. Super accommodating, efficient, knowledgeable, and Toni is very pleasant and easy to work with. Looking forward to next trip! Book with her!


Toni is very assertive and knowledgeable. She kept me organized and has decluttered my mental. Thank you!

Shay Slay (North Carolina)